NW Basin Redevelopment


Building on plans developed over the past 10 years, the Port of Anacortes is designing improvements to the Cap Sante Marina Waterfront. The proposed mixed use development will include updated circulations patterns, improved parking amenities, public access upgrades, formalized development pads, and enhanced utilities.

To the menu on the right are links to the current conceptual plan, the latest public meeting recording, and foundational documents. For more information please send an email to info@portofanacortes.com

Current Conceptual Design

Project Goals

Energize Waterfront·       Energize Cap Sante waterfront by implementing proposed mixed use development plan
Connectivity·       Enhance connectivity between downtown and the waterfront
Circulation·       Improve walkability and vehicular mobility
Public Amenities·       Expand public space and enhance views
Support Jobs·       Maintain the heavy haul route in support of local industry
Stimulate Development·       Create development pads for private sector opportunity
Phased Implementation·       Minimize disruption to existing upland and marina tenants through a phased multi-year development plan

2023 North Basin Redevelopment Plans & Information

UPDATE: Construction on the RV park and JKL Lot has been started. An up to date construction schedule, including any known street and lot closures can be found at the link below. This schedule will be updated as the project progresses.

Cap Sante RV Park and JKL Lot Construction Schedule

Cap Sante RV Park & JKL Lot Layout

Cap Sante RV Park and JKL Lot Improvements SEPA Checklist