Port identifies 2024 legislative priorities

January 25, 2024 | News

Each year, the Port of Anacortes identifies legislative priorities to help focus advocacy efforts on projects that responsibly utilize public funds and bring significant benefits to Anacortes and the surrounding region. In this year’s Legislative Session, the Port of Anacortes is focused on five main priorities that support the economic and environmental health of our community:

Support Electrification Efforts at Ports
The Port continues to look for opportunities to advance efforts to electrify operations. As WSDOT opens the new grant funding in 2024 for port electrification, the Port supports continuation of the fund and clarification around how the funds can be used.

Model Toxics Control Act Support
The Port supports continued funding for Model Toxics Control Act (MTCA) clean-up projects and the reduction of barriers to apply for MTCA funding. In the 2023-2025 budget, the Legislature took $50 million from the tax on hazardous substances (HST) receipts and deposited into the general fund. The Port will work with other stakeholders in requesting to the legislature to restore those capital dollars to the MTCA operating account in the supplemental budget to support the intent of the HST.

Department of Natural Resources Derelict Vessels Program Funding
The legislature created more flexibility for DNR’s oversight of derelict vessel disposal in recent sessions, but the program continues to see high demand outstripping current funding levels. The Port will support protecting existing funding and look for ways to increase funding to this important funding program.

Energy Supply & Grid Resiliency
There is uncertainty around sufficient available power and the ability for the grid to meet economic development goals of the Port of Anacortes. We continue to work with WPPA and other Ports to identify potential actions to be considered, including potential legislative proposals.

Commercial Pumpout Funding
It is illegal for commercial vessels to discharge into the Puget Sound. A multi-year effort is underway to site facilities throughout the Puget Sound. Projects are currently under construction in Anacortes, Everett, and Tacoma. The Port of Anacortes supports continued funding to expand additional facilities.

Click here to view and download the Port’s legislative priorities handout: 2024 Legislative Priorities