Port Announces 2023 Employee of the Year

January 5, 2024 | News

Each year, the Port of Anacortes recognizes outstanding employees for their contribution to our Port and community. We are proud to recognize Luz Barajas as our 2023 Employee of the Year and share our appreciation for her hard work, initiative, and ongoing efforts to improve the Port.

Luz joined the Port in 2014 as an Office Assistant and was quickly promoted to Accounting Assistant in less than a year. With a strong initiative and unparalleled attention to detail, Luz has been crucial in streamlining and improving various Port processes. Port Accounting Manager Wendy Fauver shared, “Luz runs circles around me, and I am usually trying to catch up to her. She works hard to find efficiencies where possible, which is demonstrated throughout the year.” One example of this is Luz’s efforts in helping the Port go paperless over the past few years, the culmination of which has resulted in all customer statements going electronic starting in January 2024.

Luz also plays an integral role in contributing to the Port’s outstanding customer service for both internal and external customers alike. Whether providing expert answers about a customer’s account or being flexible to help a coworker cover a personal appointment, she can always be counted on for her outstanding customer service.

In addition to her invaluable contributions to the Port’s success, Luz has continually invested in her own professional growth. She is a Leadership Skagit graduate (Class of 2019) and this past year took a deep dive into accounting at a two-day Accounting Academy workshop. While this was geared more towards accountants and the understanding of GAAP, she stepped outside of her comfort zone and accepted the challenge.

As she has continued to grow exponentially over the years, Luz found that she has had more capacity and taken on additional duties, including the role of HR Assistant this year. HR Manager, Lindsey Herrick, reflected on Luz’s assistance this year: “She has been absolutely amazing. She shows initiative, taking on projects and making them her own. She creates her own deadlines and surpasses them every time. She asks thoughtful questions and improves processes as she goes. I can’t say enough great things about working with Luz!”

The Port is grateful for all that Luz brings to the team, our Port, and our community. We are honored to work alongside her as a professional, leader, and friend.

Congratulations Luz, and thank you for all you do for the Port of Anacortes!