Port Announces 2021 Employee of the Year

February 7, 2022 | News

Each year, the Port of Anacortes recognizes outstanding employees for their contributions to our Port and community. We are proud to recognize Wendy Fauver as our 2021 Employee of the Year and share our appreciation for her expertise, versatility, and dedication!

Wendy serves as the Port’s Accounting Manager and has been with the Port of Anacortes since 2009. Her expertise in financial reporting and accountability and her work with the Washington State Auditor’s Office were integral to the Port winning a 2021 State Auditor Stewardship Award (SASA).

“I have had the great honor of working with Wendy for the past 8 years and have come to rely on her for both her professional and technical expertise and for her direct and honest feedback. The SASA is truly a lifetime achievement award and would not have been won without her. Wendy deserves this recognition, and I am extremely grateful, and proud, to have her on my team,” said Jill Brownfield, Director of Finance & Administration at the Port of Anacortes.

Wendy exemplifies versatility, an important skill at the Port across all departments. Her abilities to jump into a new role, wear different hats, and offer a fresh perspective are invaluable to our organization. With a keen eye for workflow and efficiency improvements, Wendy’s impact has been felt far beyond the Accounting team and into operations and relationships port-wide.

The Port of Anacortes is grateful for all Wendy brings to the team, our Port, and our community. We are honored to work alongside Wendy as a mentor, supervisor, co-worker, and friend.

Congratulations, Wendy, and thank you for all that you do for the Port of Anacortes!