North Basin Docks O-P-Q Rehab Project is Complete

February 16, 2023 | News

Final repairs to the Port of Anacortes O-P-Q docks were completed last month, marking the end of a $1.3 million project that will extend the useful life and safety of the docks for another ten years while bolstering the Port’s commitment to provide top-notch facilities for all our customers. Vital upgrades to the docks kicked off in fall of 2020, and to mitigate the work’s impacts on dock use and operations, the project was split into ten sectors. In January, our general contractor team, Massana Construction completed the final sector of repairs, finishing this critical project ahead of schedule and on budget.

The focus of this project was to provide structural upgrades to preserve the docks’ longevity and safety. This was accomplished by repairing and replacing timber walers, rubboards, thru-rods, utility hangers, concrete dock infill panels, and guide pile hoops. Multiple low points and areas with an extreme list were leveled using floats, and gratings were added to the main walk tri-frame connections (pictured) to further strengthen the docks and improve safety for users.

A key component of our success in this work was the flexibility and responsiveness of our tenants. We at the Port are deeply appreciative of our tenants’ willingness to relocate from their home slips to accommodate the extensive repair work over the past two years. More than 200 tenants at the O-P-Q docks were temporarily relocated over the course of the project and assigned moorage in the West Basin, which made it possible for Massana to complete their repairs quickly and efficiently. Our tenants play a key role in making our marinas successful, and we are grateful to continue serving them and our guests at these newly improved dock facilities.

We’d also like to thank our marina staff for their exemplary work coordinating with tenants on relocating, and for striving to minimize any additional inconveniences felt by our customers throughout the process. Key improvements to our infrastructure like the updates made by this project allow the Port to continue providing our customers with a first-class experience. As we celebrate the successful completion of this work, we renew our commitment to offering exemplary service, operations, and facilities that support our community’s growth and enjoyment of this beautiful region we call home.