Lucky 7 projects will enhance regional economic vitality, public access, and environmental quality

May 5, 2023 | News

As part of its ongoing mission to develop and manage facilities and services that stimulate job creation and commerce, the Port of Anacortes carries out annual capital improvements to help meet its economic, environmental, and community goals. Each year, the Port Commission establishes a ranking system for these capital improvement projects, which includes identifying priorities and setting a schedule for projects in the coming years.


As a result of permitting, financing, timing, and a little bit of luck, the Port is positioned in 2023 to carry out seven major projects that together invest $13 million in key facilities and infrastructure. Deemed the “Lucky 7,” these projects consist of vital improvements across Port properties, including Cap Sante Marina and the North Basin. From warehouse roof replacements to environmental cleanups, these projects help support regional economic vitality and enhance safety, environmental benefits, and public access for our community.


Most of these projects begin this summer and fall, as the dry weather provides ideal conditions for construction. The Port’s project team will be hard at work, coordinating with contractors and ensuring projects remain on schedule and within budget. We are grateful for the planning, coordination, and foresight of our Commissioners in supporting these essential projects that support existing Port businesses and help attract future industry and visitors to our community.


Below is a summary of each of the projects, including their goals, outcomes, and projected timeline for construction. For questions or more information on any of these projects, please email


Dakota Creek Industries Upland Cleanup

After more than a decade of working to clean up the Dakota Creek Industries Site (DCI) to remediate legacy contamination, this project will be the final cleanup action of the site located at 115 Q Avenue. Working with DCI to minimize impacts to daily operations, the Port will remove about 3,000 tons of contaminated soil and restore the existing asphalt and concrete. Construction is slated to take place in summer 2023.


North Basin Upland Improvements

The North Basin Upland area will undergo several improvements, including redevelopment of the RV Park and building a dedicated restroom facility, updates to the JKL parking lot, and other pavement rehabilitation. This project will also increase public and pedestrian access, connecting JKL parking lot to the Depot through the installation of sidewalks and crosswalks along Market Street. Construction is expected to take place from summer 2023 to early 2024. As the schedule gets firmed up, marina guests and tenants will receive communications on various are closures.


Warehouses #9, 10, and 11 Roofing Replacement

The Port will replace the roofs on three of its warehouses, which are currently being used for storage space and manufacturing by Cortland Company and Dakota Creek Industries. These vital improvements will help preserve public assets and ensure quality infrastructure for these local businesses to continue their operations. This project is slated for completion in fall 2023.


Bartholomew Road Property Pavement Improvements

Significant pavement rehabilitation and stormwater improvements will be made on Bartholomew Road. These updates will support the operations of industries located on the adjacent property, including Rainier Welding and Trident Seafoods. Construction is scheduled to begin in late summer 2023.


2nd Street Paving

Road improvements will be made from 2nd Street to O Avenue, including removing gravel and paving the road, improving stormwater infrastructure, and installing fencing and a safety gate. Work is being delivered in partnership with the City of Anacortes to improve this key intersection for Port tenants and local traffic. Construction is expected to start in late summer 2023.


Marina Docks Cathodic Protection System

Crews working at Cap Sante Marina will install catholic protection anodes to help prevent corrosion, extending the life of the dock pilings and supporting vital Port and public infrastructure. Installation is projected to take place in fall-winter 2023.


Pier 2 Automated Gates

Two new automated gates will be installed at Wyman’s Ramp and the east side of Pier 2. As a variety of services and commerce pass through these areas, the automated gates will greatly improve safety and security for the Pier. Installation is projected to take place in fall 2023.