Commercial Crabbing Underway

November 23, 2022 | News

One of our favorite winter traditions is heading over to the Cap Sante Marina to buy some fresh crab! On B dock, anyone is welcome to come down and purchase directly from crabbers. T Dock, the Port’s commercial dock on the south side of the marina, is also busy and acts as a landing spot for vessel preparation and gear loading, but is also an important location for buyers who come to purchase fresh Washington state seafood for commercial use.

More than 70 tribal and commercial vessels call the Port’s marina home and even more use T Dock during crabbing and fishing seasons throughout the year. In fact, more than 80% of all Anacortes seafood landings are attributable to T Dock. Over the last 5 years, these commercial seafood landings had an estimated average annual value of more than $10 million, weighing on average more than 2 million pounds a year – about as heavy as six blue whales.

Delicious Dungeness crab is some of the most popular catch brought to T Dock and the most valuable. In 2021, the average ex-vessel value per pound of Dungeness crab was estimated above $11 million. These profits move out into the local community and support our local fisherman, seafood purchasing businesses, restaurants and more.

All are welcome to come down to B dock to buy some fresh crab. And don’t forget to look over at T Dock to see the stacks of crab pots and watch the fleet hard at work. Let’s support our local crabbers and fishers and enjoy the bounty of the season!