2024 Budget Now Available

October 12, 2023 | News

Each year, the Port of Anacortes staff and Board of Commissioners go through an extensive public process to develop a budget that ensures good stewardship of tax dollars and responsible investment in public assets to support commerce and quality of life for our community. Consistent with our strategic and comprehensive plans, this budget reflects the Port’s dedication to promoting sustainable economic development and creating jobs for Anacortes residents.

The Port’s Board of Commissioners has reviewed the draft budget, and it is now available for public review: https://www.portofanacortes.com/wp-content/uploads/2024-Budget_DRAFT.pdf

In this year’s draft budget, you’ll find these highlights (and much more!):

  • Information on anticipated revenue and expenses for the year
  • The Port’s proposed 2024 tax levy
  • Our plans to maintain facilities on Anacortes’ working waterfront and in other industrial areas
  • Plans to invest Port funds, along with $3.4 million grant funding, to implement 29 capital improvement projects across Port properties

On November 2, the Port will hold a public hearing as part of our regular Commission Meeting to accept public comment and consider adopting the final budget for the Port District for 2024.

For more information about our upcoming Commission Meetings and how to listen in and share your input, visit: https://www.portofanacortes.com/governance/commission-meetings.

Upon request, printed copies of the 2024 budget may also be obtained by any Port District taxpayer. Please contact Cassie Novak at 360-293-3134 or by email at cassie.novak@portofanacortes.com to request a copy.