Vessel Berth Reservation

Application for Vessel Berth Reservation

Port Charges


In connection with the APPLICATION FOR VESSEL BERTH RESERVATION dated 05/30/2024 the below hereby accepts responsibility, on it's behalf, for payment of the Port charges listed under the line items as designated below which correspond with those designated in the above APPLICATION FOR VESSEL BERTH RESERVATION, in a maximum amount not to exceed 125% of the aggregate estimated dollar amount shown above for the relevant line items or 125% of such other sum as the Port of Anacortes after review and revision of such estimates, has provided to the undersigned in writing, in which latter case a copy of such writing is physically attached hereto.

Note: Pursuant to Port of Anacortes Tariff Rule, in all instances, where the ``Party Responsible for Payment`` listed above has not established credit worthiness with the Port of Anacortes and where responsibility for Port of Anacortes charges has not been accepted by another credit worthy entity, the Port of Anacortes shall require payment of cash in advance or posting of acceptable security prior to vessel berthing