Ambient Monitoring

UPDATE 10/24/22: We are in the evaluation stages of a new noise metering system and hope to update this page in the near future. If you have questions about please call 360-293-3134.



Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) monitoring at Pier 2 occurs only during prilled sulfur loading events. The Port uses deployable instrumentation to measure levels of H2S. The instrumentation automatically reports any exceedances or issues to appropriate Port staff via email and text message. Monitoring results are updated daily on this page.

A loading event for prilled sulfur commenced on 10/25/2022 and scheduled to complete on 11/2/2022. The monitoring date will be updated daily to this page. If you have any questions about the Port’s H2S monitoring, please call (360) 299-1827 or email

Pier 2 Noise Monitoring

Login Link:
Noise Meter


1. Click “Connect” icon.

2. Next click the “Port of Anacortes” icon.

3. Live data will start connecting.

4. Select “Meter” or “Graph” to view data.