Ambient Monitoring

5/7/2021: The Port of Anacortes is implementing new hydrogen sulfide (H2S) instrumentation to monitor potential odor impacts of sulfur loading. The monitors are running in parallel with our existing instrumentation. We will support the current system through at least summer of 2021. H2S monitoring results from the sulfur loading event that completed on 5/6/2021 are posted below. If you have any questions about the Port of Anacortes’ Environmental Programs or Ambient Monitoring, please contact Kevin Anderson ( or 360-299-1827).

Pier 2 Sulfur (H2S) Monitoring

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Sulfur Sensors


1. View real time data (green icons).

2. Change display controls, if needed.

3. Double click green icons for data charts.

Pier 2 Noise Monitoring

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Noise Meter


1. Click “Connect” icon.

2. Next click the “Port of Anacortes” icon.

3. Live data will start connecting.

4. Select “Meter” or “Graph” to view data.