Earth Day 2022

2022 Port of Anacortes Earth Day Action (Willow Planting)

When: April 22, 1:00 to 3:30 PM

Where: Meet at Seafarers’ Memorial Park (601 Seafarers’ Way, Anacortes, WA 98221)

Willow planting and stormwater treatment for Earth Day 2022! We are going to plant willows to control weeds and build a stormwater treatment device  to remove pollutants from runoff.

Planting: The Port will plant willows at a site dominated by reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea), a common invasive species and Class C noxious weed. Reed canary grass has low habitat value and dominates wet sites.  By densely plant willows in reed canary grass beds we can shade out and kill this weed.

Willow planting will consist of “live staking” bare willow stakes (~1/2 to 1” in diameter and 36” long) into wet ground at the reed canary grass patch. We will plant Hooker’s Willow (Salix hookeriana), a native plant that grows in the coastal PNW. Planting is as simple as pushing the stakes into the ground.

Stormwater treatment: Metals in stormwater runoff from roads and roofs harm aquatic life. Treating runoff doesn’t have to be an expensive or engineered solution. We are going to assemble an “oyster barrel” treatment device as a demonstration of stormwater treatment. The oyster barrel will be installed at the Transit Shed to treat runoff from the metal roof before discharging into Guemes Channel.

Work will be: wet, muddy, and on uneven ground. Project is outside, rain or shine.

Required: Rubber boots, gloves, and a good sense of humor.

Length of project: With a willing crew, we can stake 1,000 willows in couple of hours.


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