Consultant Services

The Port of Anacortes maintains an on-call consultant services roster, which includes various categories under Professional Services (Chapter 39.80 RCW) and Personal Services (Chapter 53.19 RCW). Whenever the Port has a need for professional or personal services to be performed under the consultant roster, the specific discipline category is referred to and a selection is completed based upon an evaluation of the submittals as defined in the published criteria. From time to time, Statements of Qualifications may also be requested for individual projects.


Invitations for Statements of Qualifications are advertised in the Skagit Valley Herald and posted here on the Port’s website. Please see below listing for RFQs currently being solicited. The full RFQ document may be downloaded to obtain the specific requirements, submittal deadline and location, and selection process.



There are no RFQs being solicited at this time.