Commercial & Broker Moorage Waitlist Application

1) A waitlist for each berth length will be compiled and regularly updated. Permanent moorage assignments will be made from these lists based on seniority date. Seniority dates are based on the date both the completed waitlist form and $50.00 non-refundable, administrative fee are received. Waitlists are renewed by January of each year, and you must complete the form below for your renewal.

2) When a slip becomes available the harbor office will contact the applicant by the email and phone on file and the applicant has 72 hours to accept or decline the offered moorage. If the applicant cannot be reached within 7 days or fails to renew the annual waitlist application, the waitlist entry will be cancelled and applicant will have no further rights to moorage under that waitlist entry. The applicant may decline an offered slip and move to the bottom of the waitlist, resetting their seniority date

3) Business is responsible for keeping the harbor office advised of their current address and telephone number and informing the Port, in writing, of any changes in their information so their file can be kept updated.

4)The Port of Anacortes - Cap Sante Marina has a strictly enforced zero overhang policy and it is the applicant's responsibility to choose a slip size their vessel will fit in without overhang issues.

5)The harbor office reaches out at the end of the year for waitlist renewals, but it is up to you, the applicant, to ensure you submit the renewal form online by December each year and complete payment by phone or in person to renew your place on the waitlist.

Once the waitlist application is processed and approved, a representative from the harbor office will call within 7-10 business days to collect the yearly $50 administrative fee.