Port Receives State Auditor Stewardship Award

June 3, 2021 | Archive

The Port of Anacortes has been awarded the State Auditor Stewardship Award (SASA) for exemplary financial leadership and transparency.

The SASA was presented to the Port’s Commission and staff by Washington State Auditor Pat McCarthy during a special public meeting on June 3.

“It takes a good administration, it takes a good staff, and it takes a good Board of Commissioners to do the good work that you’ve done,” said McCarthy. We don’t give…stewardship awards very much. We will give them for exemplary work.”

“This award recognizes decades of hard work to effectively and transparently manage public assets—from invoicing and information security to the condition of our docks and buildings—for the good of our Port, community, and state,” said Executive Director Dan Worra. “I couldn’t be prouder of our staff and their
continued commitment to excellence.”

“We have a culture among our staff of taking pride in the proper handling of Port resources and accurate reporting of financial position,” said Jill Brownfield, Port Director of Finance and Administration. “Obtaining these results, especially throughout the challenges of the pandemic, wouldn’t have been possible without strong leadership in our executive team and the commitment to fiscal responsibility by all Port staff.”

  • The Port of Anacortes was nominated by its audit team based on the Port’s:
    • More than 20 years of clean annual audits
    • Reputation as an industry leader in port financial stewardship
    • Transparency during the audit process
    • Technology leadership — first public audit to be completed 100% virtually by the Bellingham State Auditor’s Office
    • Consistent application of best practices and audit recommendations to Port policies and procedures

The Washington State Auditor’s Office  performs audits of state and local governments to promote accountability, integrity, and openness in government. To view the audit reports for the Port of Anacortes visit:  Port of Anacortes | Port Earns Clean 2020 Audit

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