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WorldBeat Reggae, Rock and R&B Rivertalk, our beloved Skagit Valley band, together since the early 90’s, flowed from being a drum circle howling at the moon into a 12 piece band featuring Jan Foster, our incredible vocalist. We play lots of original music, World Beat, Reggae, Ska and Rock. We have many new originals to share with you. Rivertalk band members and fans have loved and supported one another for years. We delight in the magic that happens when we play together. When we get rolling, the energy is positive, infectious, and spirals upwards.

Food vendors: Vagabond, Lopez Island Creamery, Vivi's Kitchen, NW Coffee and Espresso and NaeNae Tasty Hotdogs

Sponsors: Edward Jones, Walk-in Clinic, The Law Firm of LeGros Buchanan & Paul